All-In-One Business Management Software

HR, Payroll, Onboarding, Rostering, Timesheets, Checklists, Staff Meetings & Minutes, Messaging/Chat, Staff Documents, Asset Registry, Todo List, Calendars, Customer Quoting/Invoicing and so much more. WORKR has you covered!

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WORKR - Complete Business Solution

WORKR - Complete Business Solution

Most innovative platform for any Organisation big and small

Whether you run a small business or a large enterprise, WORKR can help you manage and collaborate efficiently with your Team with a wide range of features built into the WORKR App.

WORKR - Complete Business Solution

WORKR makes HR/Payroll so quick and simple to perform that you will spend less time and $$$ so that you can focus on your core business.

WORKR - Complete Business Solution
Staff Communication/Collaboration

One platform for your Team to collaborate and communicate rather than switching between 4 or 5 different systems!

Stay focused on your business. Let us handle the other bits.

Businesses are hard enough to manage and operate, why make it harder than it is. With WORKR we help in many areas to ensure you are operating efficiently and collaboratively.

Staff Efficiency

Build your Roster and it's available for staff instantly via the App. Staff Check In/Out generates Timesheets which can be exported to Xero and others.


Store all important documentation privately and securely filed under staff's profile or as an organisation. Set reminders to get alerted of expired documents.


Staff are able to stay up top off everything via our Staff Communication tools such as Messaging/Chat, Calendar/Diary as well as Todo lists.


Create Audit Checklists, Log Hazards, Perform Risk Assessments to ensure your organisation is compliant.

What sets WORKR apart?

At WORKR we think like a startup and are able to build our product innovatively & efficiently ensuring the platform is always coming out with new features and improvements.

What sets OWNA apart?

Features of WORKR

Take a look at what is inside WORKR.
You will be surprised with how many features it is jam packed with.

Simple & Flexible Pricing.

WORKR has 3 Tiers. Freemium, Premium and Premium+. All prices are per staff/per month. Nothing else to complicate the matter. Click here for a complete list of features.


Freemium Package

  • Access to all Premium features
  • Limited to 2 Employees
  • Limited to 10 Recruitment & Onboarding Candidate
  • Limited to 25 Customers
  • Limited to 10 Quotes per month
  • Limited to 10 Invoices per month
  • Ads shown on App/Portal
  • Support via Email only
  • No lock in contract. Cancel anytime. Hang on it's free :)
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Free Forever for 2 active employees

$5 per staff

Premium (Try FREE for 30 days!)

  • Access to all Premium features
  • Unlimited Employees
  • Unlimited Recruitment & Onboarding Candidates
  • Unlimited Customers
  • Unlimited Quotes & Invoices
  • No Ads shown on App
  • Integration into Xero & Mailchimp
  • Integration into other system (coming soon)
  • Priority Support via Phone/Email
  • No lock in contract. Cancel anytime.
  • Min. $10 per month
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Free Trial - No Credit Card Required. Startup Discount
(50% off for 12 months)

$8 per staff

Premium+ (Try FREE for 30 days!)

  • Every feature from Premium
  • Payroll (STP, Payslips, ATO etc)
  • Full Employee Onboarding (soon)
  • LMS (coming soon)
  • Well Being (coming soon)
  • Support via Phone/Email and Account Manager
  • No lock in contract. Cancel anytime.
  • Min. $30 per month
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Free Trial - No Credit Card Required. Startup Discount
(50% off for 12 months)